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Studio legale Roma

You can call the Barretta Law Firm a boutique firm, because it links to the necessary skills and responsabilities of a normal office, punctuality and professionality, the care of the client, always monitoring his needs, offering tailor-made solutions, just like a dressmaker's shop.

The customization of the relationships, the centrality of the client and his trust, represent the most important leverages of the firm, organized in a modern way based advanced technology.

The streamlining and efficiency, also allows us to offer legal services of the highest quality at considerably lower costs than large law firm, and modular and flexible to meet the needs of the customer.



Lex: notes from the past 24 hours

Lex: notes from the past 24 hours

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  • The remarkable resilience of printed words on paper pages
    Ideas and life, wit and opinion still sell newspapers and magazinesThe slipway to extinction for the printed press doesn’t seem quite as well-greased as digital soothsayers suppose. The latest ABC print sale audit shows national papers down only 2.8% year on year and a mere 0.79% on Brexit June. All three quality Sundays – the Observer, Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Times – sold more copies last month than in July 2015.And a look at ABC’s six-monthly report (print and online) on 174 of Britain’s biggest magazines seems to tell a familiar story. There’s an average drop of 5.2% year on year to be sure – more grist for the gloom-mongers’ mill – yet look a little deeper. Continue reading...
  • Rank outsiders fail to land gambling coup
    The leisure group’s audacious three-way merger plan with William Hill and 888 never looked seriously likely to succeed. But now what?Today was the deadline for Rank and 888 to make a firm offer for William Hill or walk away, 28 days after they announced their interest in a joint bid for the bookmaker. In the end it didn’t come to that.Rank, the casino and bingo operator, and its online gaming partner pulled out on Thursday after William Hill’s board refused to enter serious talks. The tussle provided some summer fun for the City, but there was a feeling of inevitability about the outcome: the two sides couldn’t even agree on whether the proposed offer of approximately £3bn was fair. Continue reading...
  • Think jobs, spending and house prices seem Brexit-proof? Fingers crossed for next year
    The positive economic data of the past week could be testament to the wisdom of UK households, but it’s more likely to be testament to Bank intervention. And how long can that protect us?Almost two months after the Brexit vote, Britain’s economy remains in rude health. Unemployment is at its lowest for 10 years, inflation remains low and consumer spending in July was strong.The doom-mongers who predicted a panic in the aftermath of the referendum were wrong. Even house prices have continued to rise, unaffected by the prospect of the UK being outside the EU in a couple of years’ time. Continue reading...
  • Leavers should be ashamed of the harm yet to come from Brexit
    Theresa May’s new government is unshowy and serious for a good reason: there are sobering times, and sobering budgets, aheadNo one can accuse the English of not being perverse! A number of post-referendum analyses have produced some intriguing results. Many of the areas of the country that were the most obvious beneficiaries of funds from Brussels or the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg voted to leave the European Union. And, although the initial impression that there was a big protest vote in the north seems to have been borne out by further study, it also emerges that the number of Leave voters in the north was easily exceeded by those in the more prosperous south.Bogus claims about “sovereignty”, and ill-judged bleating about “Brussels”, influenced many people I met, even before we were presented with the results. This was one reason why I expressed such nervousness in advance, the other being that most people did not seem to appreciate that, in the last month or so, most of the bets with the bookmakers were on Brexit even though the quoted odds were distorted by the weight of big money that had been placed earlier on Remain: that was before everything in the campaign seemed, from the point of view of us Remainers, to go wrong. Continue reading...
  • The BBC can’t win more golds without funding
    Keeping everyone happy is just about possible for the corporation when the Games are on. At other times, the burden of budget cuts is too heavy for victoryAll hail to Team GB. A gold medal to Clare Balding as best, and best-paid, presenter. She’s the Laura Trott of Olympics broadcasting. Another gold to Hazel Irvine, the calmest, best-informed anchor going. And – amid the usual cacophony of carping – a silver endurance medal for the BBC itself, which kept most things on track in resilient form. We got what we paid for.Big lessons? Only one. The athletes made their medal hauls on the back of ruthlessly targeted lottery funding. Succeed and you get more money. Fail and you’re out of the running. Team GB, in short, was defined, underpinned and buoyed by choices. And if that’s the best way in front of camera, then how does it rate on the studio floor and in the back offices? Continue reading...